Nobody Knows What This New Emoji Means & Everyone Is Making Wild & Hilarious Guesses!

Back in the day, people would’ve to communicate via emoticons, which to be honest, was a bummer. Because the brackets would get mixed up with the words itself and a misplaced colon would make you look like a pretentious douche bag. However, then the emojis arrived and things became simpler. Or did it?

Yes, there’s a new emoji in town that’s confusing the heck out of people around the world. Just look at it. What is that? Is that a smile? A wink? A suspicious raised eyebrow? Nobody knows!

So, people shared the best interpretation they had about the ‘woozy’ emoji and the results were undoubtedly hilarious. Here are the best ones:

1. Probably?

2. That might be the case.

3. That’s accurate.

4. Never try that.

5. We’ve all been there.

6. That’s the origin story for those viral videos.

7. Is this is the director’s cut for ‘A Star Is Born’?

8. Woah there!

9. Well, that’s one way to describe it.

10. We look like that?!

11. Get that bread!

12. You mean 2018, right?

13. George Costanza started it all.

14. Just spit it out, mate!

15. Can we call that the Q-spot?

16. Replace ‘vodka’ with ‘any alcoholic drink ever’.

17. True that.

18. A Smile Is Born.

19. Wait, what now?

20. We’ve a winner!

Unicode, the non-profit organisation that keeps track of the global standard for creating new emojis, provided some clarity. They described it as a “face-unwell”. In addition to that they defined it as “dizzy”, “intoxicated”, “tipsy” and “woozy face”. And that basically translates to being drunk. However, I’m not sure how many drunk people will be in the state to use this emoji when the time comes.