Twitter User Points Out How Most Heartwarming Male Movie Characters Are Written By Women

If we were to notice closely, we would find that there is a stark contrast between characters written by men and those written by women. A good number of female characters written by men either fit the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ trope (Tara in Tamasha, Geet in Jab We Meet, Akira in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, etc.) or are only shown only to be an ‘accessory’ without any agency to further the plot of the film. They are often stereotypical characters like the abla naari, the sanskaari bahu, the mother, the vamp, the ‘bad girl’, etc.

However, when it comes to women writers producing male characters, they are found to be more humane, well-rounded, sensitive, empathetic – a mix of everything – and not just fitting into a single box. A Twitter user recently pointed out the same, sharing pictures of Rana from Piku, Jug from Dear Zindagi, the 3 men in ZNMD, and Vikram from Khoobsurat.

Responding to the tweet, a few others shared pictures of male characters written by men – the stereotypical macho man, the alpha, the cold, violent, and unforgiving type.

Many expressed how we need more male characters to be written by women.

Some also shared other male characters who were wholesome. Like, Shyamal in A Death In The Gunj, Suri in Talaash, Danish in October, Sunny in Dil Dhadakne Do, and Ashwin in Sir.

Male characters written by women writers are indeed a delight to watch and is a positive diversion from stories told from the male gaze.

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