Bizarre Video Captures Two Women Twerking On The Top Of A Moving Vehicle

Every day we wake up to bizarre things happening in the world. But all it took was two women, a moving car, and a busy road to take ‘bizarre’ to another level altogether!

These two women decided to spice up a regular workday by shocking fellow passengers on road. They twerked away to glory standing on top of a moving car, with another woman hanging halfway from inside the car to take a video of the other two.

Leaving work today & see this……No comment 🤦🏼‍♀️

Posted by Jackie Friedhoff on Monday, January 14, 2019

The video has gone viral and for all the wrong reasons. People have been pointing out at their reckless behavior, the absence of license plates, and at the police’s inability to take action.

One user commented, “But where are the police when this stuff happens busy lurking around corner trying to find somebody going 5 miles over the speed limit get on these highways”.

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Another said, “And if they fall and you run them over it’s your fault smh they must be on something to be twerking on top of a moving vehicle on the highway”.

You know something is really wrong when people go to huge lengths for just some likes and reactions on social media.

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What has the world come down to?!

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