Delhi Woman In Car Gets Followed By Two Boys Who Stop & Threaten Her With Cricket Stumps

Considering the increasing number of cases of harassment on road, India is turning out to be a nightmare for women. Shameful to be honest, the women of our country are now scared to walk freely as women safety remains a crumbling illusion. And as we speak about the topic, we have another case which drives our point home.

In an incident that took place in South Delhi, a woman returning home from dinner in her car was hounded and threatened by two boys.

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“On Saturday night (midnight of 12-13th May) around 12.45am I was driving back from a dinner with friends in south Delhi. I stopped at the n-block red light waiting for it to turn green, 2 boys in a car next to me were looking in curiously.”

The woman took to social media platform Facebook to share the horrific experience. She wrote that the two boys who were in another car started staling them when both the cars stood at a signal. The boys waited for the women to take a turn in order to follow them. On taking a turn the boys blocked their path with their car which was followed by one of them coming out with a wicket in hand.

She had already made a call to her husband who was nearby. However, when she tried to escape the situation by driving her car away, the other boy joined the threatening with a wicket in his hand too. She was repeatedly asked to get out of the car as the boys kept on shouting ’bahar nikal, bahar nikal’.

“But what happened next was beyond crazy. Not only did they block my way – one of the boys got out holding a wicket in hand and started gesturing me to get out of the car and screaming…’bahar nikal, bahar nikal’ he keep shouting. Not wanting to get into an altercation, I reversed and tried to go from the side…but the second boy now jumped out from the passenger side, also with wicket in hand, and was screaming and telling me to get out.”


On seeing her husband reach the spot in some time, she went out and confronted the boys. The boys continued the harassment as their threats turned towards her husband.

Quite interestingly, it later came to light that one of them was the son of a police superintendent. The number plates of their car were covered with a cloth to prevent the tracking of the vehicle.

“Just then I saw my husband approach and I got out of the car and told the boy it was unacceptable for him to think he could harass me just because he thought I was alone ! There was much screaming in which he was threatening my husband “because we didn’t know who his father was” (a superintendent at a jail it seems!, we got to know as he pulled out his father’s visiting card).”

On seeing the situation intensify, a crowd gathered in support of the helpless woman and her husband. A few kind souls came to the rescue and argued with the two boys because of their unacceptable behavior.

What comes as a shock is that the woman tried to call the police several times which were left unanswered. However, the police finally responded when one of the boys from the crowd reached out.

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After pretending to be unaware of the location for a long time, the police finally reached the spot after an hour. In a matter of absolute disgrace, the police stood there arguing on under whose jurisdiction the case comes under. The guilty were taken to the police station at last and an FIR was filed on extreme pushing. The matter will now be up on the court on Wednesday.

The woman concluded her post on a wonderful note urging all women to step up bravely in such cases. She also thanked the boys who stood by them throughout the night as support.

Here is her entire FB post:

With these type of cases growing at an alarming rate, the least we can expect is for the law and the people in charge of it to be responsible enough. And going by the example we just read, we definitely have miles to go.

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