Women List Heartwarming Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed Of Being Divorced

There is a certain amount of stigma attached to women who divorce their husband. They are often considered as the woman ‘who failed’ to keep her marriage alive. Such women are often subjected to social ridicule, judgement, and isolation.

Hence, when one woman took to Reddit to express how she feared the judgement she might face from society on getting divorced twice, other women jumped in to give her a piece of their mind.

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The woman said how she wished to “hide away forever” as she didn’t want to “deal with the shame”. Have a look at her post here:

Second divorce before I’m 40. How do I stop feeling ashamed? from AskWomenOver30

Women online listed heartwarming reasons why she didn’t have any reason to feel ashamed. They called her “strong” and “brave” for trying to find happiness for herself. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

“I think people will be judging you a whole lot less than you think they are.”

“When I see someone with a situation like yours, I think that’s a person who doesn’t put up with any shit.”

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“I think you are brave for trying. For trying to find love again, and for trying to build a better life for yourself.”

“There is no formula to finding happiness inside of outside of a relationship.”

“You would rather be single than put up with being with someone where you are unhappy.”

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“There are couples in my family who would be much happier if they split up.”

“Better to be getting a divorce than be stuck in a relationship that makes you unhappy.”

“Better than being stubborn and staying married if it’s not what’s right in the long run.”

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“…good person but made bad life-partner choices.”

“Life is freaking hard!”

Instead of wanting them to be truly happy, society has a tendency of forcing women to stay in toxic relationships, no matter how unhappy it makes them. It is high time women start making themselves a priority and unflinchingly make life choices that do them good.

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