Women Are Sharing Ways In Which Men Have Reacted After Being Rejected & It’s A Sad Reality


Times have changed over the years, and so have the dynamics of dating and courtship. DMs have replaced love letters and dating apps have easily taken the place of coy tricks that friends used to pull the time.

But unfortunately, the thing that hasn’t changed is the way women are manhandled by men and their toxic masculinity the moment they face rejection. Don’t get me wrong, I know some of them are aware and more sensitive to issues as such. But nothing takes away from the fact that are still many who, in their blinding entitlement, go like ‘How could she say no to me?’ And the results often read as assaults of all types.

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And this is exactly what urged Elizabeth May, author of fantasy trilogy The Falconer, to tweet about the agony. In fact, she did so by asking women to share responses from men after turning them down and it’s a grim reality we have to live with.


Soon her tweet got the needed traction and lots of brave and courageous women stopped by to share their ordeal, in the hope that it might help someone else open up.

1. ‘Too many to count.’

2. Appaling!


3. Every woman has gone through this once at least.


4. THIS is the problem.

5. Sordid!

6. Talk about irony…

7. Seems like the only way out.


8. Why is ‘No’ so difficult to understand?

9. Scary doesn’t even cut it.


10. The gravity of this has shaken me.

11. Thank you films for the glorification, I guess.

And these are just a few instances of the many, by only a few women out of the lot. Doesn’t that say something? I know- it’s time for a change and there is no place for silence anymore. Do you hear me, ladies?

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