Married Women Share How They Have To Seek Permission From In-Laws For Petty Things

‘Hum toh apni bahu ko sab allow kartey hai. We are very modern!’ This statement is often said with pride by Indian families without realizing that it’s problematic and unnecessary.

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You might also have heard people say to brides, ‘You are like our daughter. Feel like home here.’ If that’s literally the case then why does anyone need anyone else’s permission to live their life the way they want in their own home?

Why does the bahu of the house required to seek permission for going out with friends, meeting relatives, or even going to her maternal home? I have even seen women seeking permission from their in-laws to go out for dinner with their husbands. I mean, don’t you see the problem here?

Resonating with this thought, a woman took to Twitter and penned that small things like meeting a distant cousin or going to a family wedding would make her anxious as it needed begging, pleading, and ego-stroking.

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The user, Neeru Nagarajan, also rightly pointed out that Indian families feel proud of controlling a person and stressing them out over inconsequential things.

And it’s just not her. Many women online related to her.

Neeru was overwhelmed with the responses and the fact that so many women go through this same thing.

She added:

This situation is real and very mindboggling. Marriage, as it is, comes with a lot of responsibilities which one is expected to ace in no time. On top of it, the added trauma makes the environment even more uncomfortable.

And then people will be like, “maa k ghar jaa k kyun acha lagta hai?” Let her live the way she wants in the house and she’ll never feel the need to take some time off from home.

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