‘Wear Ghunghat, Quit Job’, Desi Women Reveal What Suitors Expected Of Them Post Marriage

Watching marriages being arranged in India can be quite entertaining at times! Not only will you see the various prejudices people have, but will also be amazed by how well-to-do, “elite”, and “educated” families are deep-rooted in patriarchal standards of living. Women are expected to do so much – sit, walk, talk, look, behave the way your in-laws want. Families often seek well-educated brides, only for them to be locked up at home and look after the kitchen.

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Speaking of which, women online have been sharing their experiences with arrange marriages and are revealing the shocking and bizarre things they were expected/asked to do by their in-laws post marriage. Have a look:

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Isn’t it unsettling to see the various ways in which patriarchy operates in the different sections of the society? How can we say that women today are more “empowered” when even in the 21st century, women aren’t treated like independent individuals – ones with their own choices and wishes?

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