Desi Women Speak Of ‘Divorce Settlements’ & Why They Are Entitled To Them

A separation between couples often turns bitter, and certain sections of society criticize and demonize women for receiving divorce settlements. For instance, a businessman claimed he set Rs. 5 crores ablaze to avoid paying the divorce settlement to his ex-wife.

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But are women really just ‘opportunists’ or do they deserve the settlement? A Twitter user started the important discussion on why women are entitled to the divorce settlements “fair and square”, by talking about the unpaid domestic labour and caregiving work several women go through in a marriage setup.

Women responded by sharing their views and listing things that in their mind, justified a divorce settlement.

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1. Some talked about how women sacrifice their careers and financial freedom to raise their family and run the household:

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2. The notion of household work being equivalent to a full-time job was also touched upon:

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3. Men shared their views on the matter as well:

What are your views on the same? Share with us!

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