Women Discuss Honest Reasons Why They Don’t Want To Have Babies

A lot of times we find ourselves to be bound by society’s timeline of eventually getting married and having kids, but some Indian women previously revealed how others react when they choose not to have kids and break the norm.

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And the discussion opened yet again on Twitter when women honestly discussed the reasons why they don’t wish to have kids. It started when a Twitter user stated that “being selfish” is a valid reason for not having a baby as women don’t owe it to anyone to reproduce. She added that she feared that she would be a bad mother anyway and hence would choose not to:

Many other women joined in sharing their very real fears when it comes to motherhood and pregnancy:

Not just “being a bad mom”, even those who can be good moms might not want kids:

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Some also touched upon how men are treated differently when they decide not to have kids, but women aren’t afforded the same choice:

Have you faced something similar in your experience? Share with us!

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