Women Reveal Why They Didn’t Take Husband’s Surname Post Marriage & How Others Reacted

Social convention dictates that women must change their surname and take their husband’s family name after marriage. It is a given. However, many have gone against this norm and decided to keep their maiden name.

Women online have been listing the many reasons they decided not to take their husbands’ family names and keep their maiden name after marriage.

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From avoiding the extensive paperwork to calling the practise “sexist”, from liking their name as it is to trying to go against norm, here are some of the reasons that the women mentioned:

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In the past, we came across instances of some men taking up their wives’ last name. Some also took to social media to give heartwarming reasons why women should keep their maiden name.

There have been innumerable debates on whether or not a woman should give up her maiden name after marriage. The practice has been called “regressive” and “patriarchal”. However, it is entirely a woman’s decision to keep or not keep her maiden name. Don’t you think?

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