10 Reasons Why Women Have The Hots For Men With Deep Voices

Ladies, hold your breath. I know almost all of us have the hots for men with a deep, husky voice. They sound plain sexy when they speak and it definitely gives us lady boners.

Men, keep up that pitch. We love it, want to know why? Read on…

1. The moment when they enter a room and start talking

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Adrenaline rushes through our body. OMG! OMG!


2. We instantly find ourselves having a huge crush on men with deep voices

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No idea how that happens, but it just does.


3. Can’t have enough of them

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Please, talk more. I’m all ears.


4. They sometimes come across intimidating, and in some cases that can be really attractive

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5. Their voice speaks volumes about their confidence

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Who doesn’t like confident men?


6. Speaking of confidence, they also come across powerful

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Powerful, confident, strong men. Almost like watching a bunch of Baywatch guys run on the beach.


7. Their voice also sounds comforting. They come across as someone who will protect us

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And that is just AAWW.


8. Men with deep voices also somehow know how to take charge of the situation

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And women do love men who are good decision makers and can take control over situations.


9. Their morning voice is really HAWT!

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How much more sexy can they get?


10. Lastly, they simply sound sexy All. The. Time

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*Deep sigh*

Men with deep voices, pick us up in your strong arms and keep talking.

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