Women Reveal How They Deal With ‘Leftover Anger’ After Their Partner Apologizes In A Fight

Whether you’re having a lovers tiff or even a full blown argument with your sibling, spells of anger are inevitable. But what if you are unable to toss aside feelings of anger and resentment even after your partner has apologized following a spat?

Women on Reddit have opened up about precisely such instances where they found it difficult to let go of residual anger. It all began when Redditor asked other women how they handled such leftover anger-

How do you personally handle when your SO recognizes and apologizes their mistake in a situation but you still have left over anger? from AskWomen

From wisely pausing the argument to taking a breather, here’s what women had to say about how they manage their anger.

There were some who revealed that they request their partner to give them some space, while others said they’d like their spouses to atone for their actions by doing something nice for them.

Some even admitted to acting out in minor ways to annoy their partner rather than diffusing the tension.

Have you ever noticed a loved one having difficulty in letting go of their anger? Tell us.

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