This Woman Got Rejected For Marriage By A Guy After She Revealed She Dated Back In College

Time and again we highlight situations faced by the people of India that prove that even in 2022, we are moving backward. The same rules don’t apply to men and women, especially in a marriage.

Taking to Twitter, a user named ‘Poan Sapdi’ shared how a guy on a matrimonial site rejected her and looked down upon her when she informed him that she was in a relationship in college.

She was in shock by this incident and we are too. Like, what can be the possible reason for this guy to behave so naively? Well, people online had some explanations for his behavior. Take a look:

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The woman went on to share that many dropped on her comments section saying that women who have had relationship(s) are “Cum Banks”/ used car/commodity/ someone from the street.”

And this is the reason why our country isn’t getting over this backward thinking.

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