This FB Post Show How Women In Odisha Were Eve-Teased While Cops Did Nothing To Help

The recent wrongdoings against women, since the wake of Bengaluru’s night of shame, has divided the nation. While some of us are in grief, implicating the plight of women’s safety in our country, the rest of the same crowd is angry and ready to pelt the patriarchs. However, amidst all the hue and cry, blame game, etc we somehow, conveniently forget to address the pressing problem. The good ones don’t dare!

In another such unfortunate incident, women in Bhubaneswar, Odisha were harassed, heckled and eve-teased by a hoard of unruly men in broad daylight and the huge crowd gathered did- NOTHING! In a Facebook post by Baishali Bishwal, the ordeal began when an accompanying guy friend stood up to the eve-teasers to which the hooligans reacted with more abuses and physical violence. Read the entire post here.

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This afternoon while approaching towards Nandan Kanan road, the guy you see in the photo showed some really dirty gestures and commented so badly to a friend, Samata who was going beside us with a guy friend, our guy friend Sarthak asked the guys to stop doing that and we went in our way, the guys followed us nd threatened us saying all possible slangs, after some miles they two guys stopped us and started creating scene, to which we called the nearest PCR, ( 2 mins away police station ), in the meantime , the guys called their some uncivilized friends and with their arrival things got really worse and all of them started using slangs, threatening badly, when I started recording stuff they gave me a serious life threatening warning . Our guy friend Sarthak Priyadarshan when stood for us and Samata Mishra their guys started beating him real bad and completely injured him and another guy broke Samata’s phone and slapped her, abused her so badly, we when tried to stop were also attacked.

The saddest part is that there was a gathering of around 30 male people but not a single man stood up there, shame on calling them men. Police came 40 mins after we called them when the police station was jus 2mins away (15 min max by walk.) When asked the reason being late, they said they had no petrol in their PCR VANs, to which they said us to go and question the govt for this, shameless cops, who then rather were keen to know what relation we have with our guy friend? Why he stood for us? Why were we going on Nandan kanan road? Which was totally baseless, I feel ashamed to blame the people of my state but the cops were worst than the uncivilised, at least the uncivilised never had education, values, good environment etc, but these cops are just not humans !! They were asking questions on our integrity! None of them in the police station was taking our case seriously, we were made a joke until our parents arrived. Today literally I saw in reality what I saw in movie pink !! I had tears, I was shivering seeing all these! One of the people in the crowd said ” you are girls, why are you raising your voice? Go home, things will settle, stop creating a scene, know ur limits, u r supposed to be home at this hour.”

Like seriously? Afternoon time, three girls with full sleeved clothes, faces covered, face worst eve teasing and the society still blame girls?
Is it the fault of our womanhood ??

And girls, plz learn self-defence, for the first time in life I felt so helpless, stand for yourself, live for yourself, learn for yourself! The world is full of selfish men like these, the so-called society for whom we girls always have to face consequences, sacrifice, compromise won’t ever stand for us! We are no less than any man, just believe in yourself. Be proud of your womanhood.

Stay alert, the world is full of ruthless creatures like these !!


In the videos uploaded by the Baishali, the goons (speaking in Odiya) can be heard mouthing the filthiest of slangs and threatening the girl with implications if she didn’t stop recording. Another went to on flaunt, showing zero fear of the police and administration.


Now, is this the kind of progressive society we want to live in?