Mob Of Men Harass, Forcibly Smear Colours On Women On Holi, Twitter Reacts


Imagine absolutely loving the colourful festival of Holi but not willing to step outside in the fear of getting molested and harassed. This is how many women in the country feel. Because as we grew up and underwent physical changes, several men used Holi as an excuse to sleazily smear us with colours, grope us while doing so, and use the infamous phrase ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’ all the while.

And a good example of this is a video that has captured an uncomfortable incident where a mob of men stopped two women on a scooter and forcibly smeared them with colours against their consent. The women somehow managed to flee the spot.

Watch the video here:

People on the internet are expressing disgust over the incident. Some women also revealed how due to similar incidents, they too are scared of stepping outdoors on Holi.

It is because of people like these that too many women across the country choose not to celebrate Holi. When will such incidents stop? When will women feel safe enough to celebrate their own festivals?

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