2 Women Fight For Seat On Delhi Metro While Another Enjoys A Burger With Her Bag On The Seat

Be it Mumbai local or Delhi metro, you ought to find some kind of entertainment onboard the local transport that won’t make you feel bored until you arrive at your destination.

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And this entertainment is not being hooked on to your screens, but we’re talking about live entertainment by people onboard the train as you.

Recently, someone boarded a Delhi metro at the peak hours when getting a seat to rest means you did something good that day. While this person managed to get a seat, there were women on the opposite side of the metro fighting for a seat.

The video that has now gone viral shows two women sitting with their huge bags on the seat. Then comes another woman who asks them to remove their bags that would make enough space for her to sit.

But since these two women were apparently reserving a seat with their bags for someone who was supposed to join them from another metro station, they denied budging.

Annoyed by the arrogance of the woman in the yellow saree, the other woman goes on to sit in the small gap between her and another passenger. This is when another passenger intervened and said that she can’t reserve a seat for someone else and deny giving the seat to this woman.

And while these three women are bickering and quarreling over the seat, the fourth woman (extreme right in green) is watching the drama unfold while savoring her burger.

Here’s the video:

The entertaining clip got people talking online. A lot of people said that it’s a common happening.

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However, some highlighted how the woman in green remained unaffected by all the drama, enjoyed her food inside the metro, and even threw a part of the ketchup sachet on the floor.

This is the female version of the trending “Boht jagah hai, nahi jagah hai” video. Also, people who don’t follow rules and destroy public transport like this shouldn’t be allowed on one.

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