12 Quotes By Women Entrepreneurs That Will Give You Courage To Battle Against All Odds

Women Entrepreneurs

One thing my mum always keeps telling me: When the world starts criticising you, know that you are going the right way.

And, that keeps me going. But in addition to that, listening to women of substance speak and reading about them is personally an inspirational process too. After all, who the world? #GIRLS

So take notes. Here, were are jotting down what these women go-getters, who flew high against all odds, have to say about success.

1. Founded Chanel, the most loved brand!

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You should be your own priority.


2. Co-founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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But that voice is there. All you need to is find it within yourself.


3. Co-founded Flickr and Hunch.

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Work hard but also work smart.


4. Founder Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

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Go on, do your thing.


5. “Shark” investor on Shark Tank.

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True that!


6. Founder of Eileen Fisher.

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Always believe in your instincts.


7. MD and CEO, ICICI Bank.

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Try till you die.

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8. Founder of SaberHacer.

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That’s an advice I’ll follow to the T.


9. CEO of Harpo Productions and CEO and CCO Of Oprah Winfrey Network.

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Follow your heart and your dreams.


10. Founder of Cake Health.

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Time is precious, as we all know.


11. Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo.

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Realistic expectations.


12. Chairperson and MD of Biocon Limited.

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Keep walking with your head held high and they will stop talking soon enough.

Filled with a renewed zeal? Ladies, let’s take over the world.

Poster Courtesy: Sachin Kaushik

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