Women Talk About The Excitement of Discovering Big, Comfy Pockets In Their Clothes

Pockets in clothing are functional and loved by all, but are also pretty much non-existent in most women’s clothing. Girls surely know the struggle of discovering fake pockets in garments or only tiny ones that can just hold a piece of gum. This is in contrast to the pockets in men’s clothing in which they can keep a gazillion things including their phones and wallets.

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But some of us get lucky enough to actually find a cute dress with functional pockets, and don’t have to scurry for our size in the men’s section. A Redditor invited women to talk about their good finds.

Women of reddit how does finding a nice piece of clothing with functional pockets feel? (Descriptions of said clothing are appreciated) from AskWomen

And here’s what the women had to say:

1. A dress with pockets has the ability to make our whole day, and we make sure to treasure the garment over years.

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2. No purse required if you are blessed with deep pockets just like in menswear.

Comment from discussion .

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3. Wedding dress with pockets? Sign me up!

4. Pro tip: Get them stitched in your ethnic wear.

Bollywood Style Awards 2016: Veera Kapur for Deepika Padukone | Verve Magazine

5. Can we agree that fake pockets are probably the worst thing invented?

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What’s your take? Tell us.

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