Women On Reddit Talk About Being Overlooked At Work & How They Deal With It

Women’s professional ambitions are often met by several hurdles like sexism, discrimination, and exploitation. For instance, a Twitter thread previously called out men who undermine women by flirting with them at work events, or how a pregnant woman was recently asked to finish a meeting despite going into labour at work.

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A Redditor invited working women to talk about their experiences when their ideas were overlooked and how they dealt with it being passed on to someone else.

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Many women shared their tricks of the trade:

1. Write and document everything, in the form of mails, self-reviews, etc.

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2. Find allies in your team.

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3. Don’t be afraid to be “bossy”.

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4. Simply take credit out loud.

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How have you dealt with similar situations? Share your experiences with us!

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