Women Are Actually Better & Safer Drivers Than Men & This Study Is Proof

‘Stay away from that car, a woman is driving it.’ ‘That car is going so slow, there must be a female driver in it.’ Well, if you’ve ever found yourself thinking this, then a new study is about to burst your bubble of stereotypes.

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Ever since women got behind the wheel, they have been subjected to such sexist remarks that question their driving abilities. But allow me to statistically prove to you that women are better and safe drivers. Findings from a study conducted by insurance comparison website reveal that women are better and safer drivers than their male counterparts, reports Mirror.

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Out of the 539,000 individuals convicted for breaking the law while driving in England and Wales in 2018, a staggering 79% of lawbreakers were found to be men, reports The Sun. Men also outnumbered women by nearly 4:1 when it came to breaking common traffic rules.

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Furthermore, only 1% of women were convicted for careless driving as compared to 2% of men. When it came to drunk driving, just 1% of women have been caught compared to 5% of men. The study also revealed that there were 1.4 million insurance claims made in 2018 and men were twice as likely to make an insurance claim than women.

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Well, the above-mentioned numbers do prove that women are ‘statistically’ safer drivers than men. So ladies, the next time anyone makes a derogatory remark at you for your driving skills, just show them this.

Happy driving!

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