Twitter User Asks Women If They’ll Allow Men To Wear Shorts After Marriage, Desis React

It is not new for many Indian families to impose restrictions on the kind of clothes women choose to wear. While some women are lucky to be born into liberal families, several others live in conservative households where they are dictated on what to wear, how to behave, to work or not, and whom to marry.

However, people online placed men in a woman’s shoe. A Twitter user sarcastically asked women online whether or not they will allow their husbands to wear shorts after marriage.

People online responded with stereotypical things which women are generally told. Only this time, it was directed to men!

While some said they would allow their husbands to wear whatever to want but only on special occasions, others joked that it is not a part of their “culture”.

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When the same conservatism is directed to men, it does seem bizarre, doesn’t it? So why should women be made victims of such regressive practices?

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