When This Woman’s Dog Died, She Came Up A Unique Way To Keep His Memory Alive!

Losing your beloved canine is a pain like none other. Many bury themselves in nostalgia, reminiscing over fond memories of their furry pal. But few like Linda Hefer choose to put a smile on the faces of other pet parents.

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On the passing of their beloved terrier Cody, Linda’s daughter suggested they make a very special tribute. In accordance, they headed to Cody’s favourite beach with an armful of his favourite tennis balls.

Soon after, a Cape Town Beach cleanup troupe came upon a curious box chockful of tennis balls and an adorable picture of a Yorkshire terrier. Taped to the inside of the box was a very special letter to dog owners visiting the beach.

Here’s what the note said!

Touched at the gesture and thought behind the bereaved pet parent’s act, the beach cleanup troupe promptly shared the saga on social media. Needless to say, it has struck a chord with netizens worldwide! Take a look at the post-

Saw this little box with some tennis balls in. Left on the ramp leading onto the beach in front of Doodles Beachfront. Made in memory of Cody.

#capetown Run wild Codes 🙂

Saw this little box with some tennis balls in.Left on the ramp leading onto the beach in front of Doodles Beachfront #capetown Made in memory of Cody.Run wild Codes 🙂

Posted by Cape Town Beach Cleanup on Monday, February 18, 2019

Linda (Cody’s owner) happened to notice the post and promptly responded to the post. Netizens around the globe lauded her for the thoughtful gesture-

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Here’s hoping Cody’s running free on heaven’s beaches with a lifetime’s supply of tennis balls!

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