Woman Wants Someone To Make All Her Decisions For A Month For ₹1.85 Lakh, Are You Game?

In modern-day life, we are bombarded with countless decisions and choices to make. And, being the blunderous humans that we all are, we don’t always make the right choice! Making bad decisions in life repeatedly often lands us up in a space where we start doubting ourselves. Then comes the time when we desperately look for a second opinion. And why not, two brains are better than one!

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The first person that comes to our mind to make our way out of all the confusions in life is our best friend. If not a best friend then maybe a sibling, cousin or a family member?

But would you ever think of hiring a professional to help you find a way out of all the mess in your life?

Strange, right?

But this woman from Bristol is willing to do so. Fed up all her terrible decisions in life that she has been taking since a year now, a woman has posted an advert on a UK marketplace website.

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The woman in her post wrote that she has made several bad decisions for the past year be it her finances or love life and that she is now willing to mend things for herself. The woman mentioned that she needs guidance from an ‘enlightened individual’ to get her life back on track.

She expects the person to be available for her over the phone either at calls or messages, 24×7. The person would help her take all the important decisions of her last for an entire month. The woman has also offered to pay the person an amount as huge as £2,000 (approx 1.85 lakh INR).

If you think that you are capable of the role you can view the full advert here.

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PS: You will have to make every single decision for the woman for an entire month! Right from if she should go on a Tinder date or not to her financial investments, everything!

Wait..what? Tinder date? I have been helping my best friend to decide whether to right swipe a guy or not every damn time! I am already her professional decision maker unprofessionally. So looks like here’s another way I can make money now.

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