Mumbai Man Flashes Penis At Woman Inside ATM, Her Swift Action Gets Him Arrested

Disclaimer: Article contains sensitive content. Viewer discretion adviced.

When I hear people talking about how times have changed and it’s safer for women out there in the streets, I let out a laugh. Yes, it is 2019 and only ‘time’ has changed because the streets are still filled with sexual predators than it was a decade back, waiting for women to flash at.

A woman from Mumbai recently took on social media to narrate an outrageous incident of sexual harassment. Taking on Instagram, she wrote how she was coming back home from a gig and stopped at an ATM near her home where the incident took place.

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“I enter the ATM and I’m frustrated when the machine won’t dispense money. This is the first time when the man enters the ATM and asks if I need help or want him to pay for the ride. I politely decline saying that I’ll manage. Once I exit the ATM, I get into an argument with the rickshaw guy with regards to how I’ll be paying him the fare. This is when a cop car pulls up and I explain my situation to them.”

However, after talking to the police, she decided to give the ATM another shot.

“I’m once again at the ATM trying to withdraw money. And the man enters the ATM once again. But this time, he moves in closer and touches my shoulder and thigh, again asking if I need help. I instantly back off and yell at him to stay away from me and that I don’t need his help. I go back to trying to withdraw money again, and he’s still there. When I hear him, he’s calling out to me and blatantly asking me to look at his hard dick that he had pulled out of his denim’s zipper area. I quietly start my video recorder and turn the camera right at him.”

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After being confronted by her, it was then that the man fled from the spot. She was quick enough to show the video to the police outside, prompting them to take action. Later that night she posted the video of Twitter.

This stirred a massive outrage amongst people on social media who made sure the post went viral quickly. Later she posted an update on the incident notifying everyone how the man has been caught by Mumbai Police and an FIR is now lodged against him.

Netizens lauded her courage and quick thinking for taking a video of the incident which led the man to get caught. However, it’s concerning how sexual harassment has become so common that predators don’t ever fear CCTV cameras installed inside ATMs!

Here’s taking an opportunity to address not just women, but people across all genders. If you ever face sexual harassment, remember that your safety is in your hands. Do not flinch from revolting against such shameful behaviour!