Woman Uses Jeevansathi.com To Check Salary Packages Of Different Companies & Applies There

Nowadays, dating apps are not just used for dating, LinkedIn is not just used for making professional connections, and Google Pay is not just used for sending and receiving money. Apps and websites like these have multiple functions because modern problems require modern solutions. Dating apps have now become a space to hire potential candidates and Google Pay has become a platform to chat so as to not get caught on Whatsapp by your parents! 😉

Similarly, a guy named Ashveen Bansal took to LinkedIn to share how a friend of his uses the popular matrimonial platform Jeevansathi.com to check the salary packages provided by various companies and applies for a job in those places!

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“So a friend told me she is using #jeevansathi.com to see compensation of different companies through people’s profiles and then applying there,” he wrote.

Have a look at his post here:

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Several people online thought that this was a genius move. Others shared similar experiences of going through matrimonial sites like Jeevansathi.com and checking salary packages offered to different people. Here’s what some of them said:

Some people’s brains work on a different level altogether! 😛

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