Woman Posts Picture Of Herself ‘Twinning’ With A Carpet. Twitter Shows Her She’s Not Alone!

Imagine wearing this perfect new dress to an event or function, ready to grab some eyeballs and suddenly you find someone else has on the exact same dress! If you enjoy ‘twinning’ then YAY! But imagine if you don’t. And then imagine that a 100 times worse!

Twitter user Ilona Burton had one such twinning moment, but instead of another person, she was twinning with her office carpet!

Yeah. Hard.

It’s actually quite sporty of her to pose with the carpet like that, innit?

I know what you’re thinking though, because a lot of people on Twitter were thinking it too. And they asked her the question. Like a lot.

Babe, you telling me you never noticed the carpet in your office before? Like seriously?

Well, to answer your question….

Now when you think about it, may be not. There were a couple of ugly arguments about this topic, but we don’t want that kinda negativity in our life right now, okay?

What we are gonna do is focus on the positive things, like the many ways in which people tried to make her feel better about matching with a carpet.

Because Twitter is not always dark and full of terrors trolls, but has a fair amount of happy, supportive peeps too!

They started off by making the obvious camouflage jokes. Because of course.

Now that should help!

Ah see! Silver lining!

But my favourite part was the tweets Ilona received from other women who had had similar encounters!

Basically a whole lot of “You’re not alone” vibes!

Someone matched with the bar floor… which I think always helps if you get too sloshed and drop to the floor!

One kind soul even dug up an old tweet about her ‘twinning’ moment!

This one matched with a wallpaper and it was okay!


What a colourful coincidence!

Imagine twinning with a shower curtain!

I think, we’ve all been here, done that, with the checkered table cloth clothing faux pas!

This is some next level twinning!

Twitter being all supportive just warms the cockles of my heart!