Indian Scammer Tries To Extract Money And ‘Bobs Pics’, Gets Hilariously Trolled By A British Woman.

Facebook is a treasure trove for creeps who want to befriend strangers and sometimes make a quick buck in the process. There is no dearth of people who would go to great lengths to scam you on the pretext of love and false promises, making innocent women their victims.

That being said, this is not one of those instances. Remember how a man tried to trick an Imgur user Belushka into sending him money, but she turned it into a hilarious ordeal instead? Looks like somebody else got inspired from this too and decided to try it out on an unsuspecting scammer.

The woman under the alias, Fellatia McSuckle, was approached by an Indian man Anil Khullar, from Maldah in West Bengal on Facebook and she left no exception in completely humiliating him for his devious ways.

1. It all started pretty weird from the get-go.

2. He kinda fits that name, doesn’t he?

3. Bwahahaha!

4. Not very subtle, are you Anal?

4. He started his proposition.

5. Straight to the point!

6. This is getting good…

7. Bob pics?

8. I ain’t mad about a little diversity!

9. Those names tho!

10. I dub thee…

11. Well, he tried…

12. Well the show’s not over yet!

13. The twist in the tale!

14. Did he really do it?

15. Yaaaassss!!!!

16. This is getting interesting. *grabs popcorn*

17. He was not going to let it go

18. A minor issue

19. Not gonna lie, that was pretty funny!

20. Is he an anal-scammer?

21. Apparently, he’s a good man!

22. The icing on the cake!

That was pretty entertaining wasn’t it? That being said, it all depends on how alert we are to foil the plans of these scammers who are always on the lookout for easy money. If it gets too much to ignore, well you can always provide us with some laughs with your creativity!

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