Woman Criticized For Asking For A Pad From A Tea Vendor When She Got Her Periods Unexpectedly

As a woman, I can say that nothing’s more embarrassing than going around the town with a period stain on your clothing because we haven’t yet reached a point, as a society, that won’t go all ‘haww’ and ‘cheee’ when they see or even speak about a woman’s menstruation.

And even though maintaining a regular period cycle is every woman’s dream, it doesn’t happen very often and we might get the visitor at odd hours of the day. At this point, we are left with no option but to anxiously go all over the place to look for sanitary products when we don’t have them in our possession.

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Ismat Ara, a journalist by profession, was somewhat in a similar situation and she thought of asking a tea vendor if he had any sanitary pad while she was on the road.

Even though the shopkeeper didn’t have any, he told her to take a seat, drove down to another shop, and got her a pack of sanitary pads. “You’re like my sister,” he said to Ara.

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The journo then shared this story on Twitter and said how grateful she is for men like him.

But weirdly, her tweet lauding and thanking the man wasn’t appreciated online. In fact, people started trolling and mocking her for asking for a pad from a tea vendor.

 A handful of these also had answers to “chaiwala se pad kon mangta hai?”

Also, how dare she asked a guy for a pad!

The fact that women here are making such remarks despite knowing the urgency of the situation is itself appalling.

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