Woman Tries To School Cop Who Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet, Gets Schooled Online Instead

We all know how wearing a helmet is a crucial road safety measure as it provides protection to the most vulnerable part of our body – the head. But innumerable people ride bikes every day without keeping in mind this basic safety measure and road rule. Traffic police officers are placed at random points to keep such people in check. But what happens when a police officer doesn’t abide by these rules?

In a video that has gone viral, a woman. driving a car, is seen spotting a police officer riding a bike without a helmet. She drives beside the cop and asks him, “Where is your helmet?”

To this, the police officer gives no response and goes off with his bike. However, the intention of the woman was not to alert the cop. It is clear that she wanted to ‘get back’ at the cop.

Here’s a look at the video:

Funnily, several people online spotted that the woman, while trying to school the cop, was not wearing a seatbelt while driving her car! So they schooled her instead. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

Both citizens and the police need to abide by the rules to ensure that everyone on the road is safe.

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