Chennai Woman Travels 30,000 Kms From Singapore To Antarctica Just To Deliver Food

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have hot chocolate from Paris, pizza from Napoli, a cheeseburger from New York and kebabs from Turkey all the while sitting in the comfort of our homes in India? Sounds unrealistic right? Well, I have a story for you!

From Singapore to Hamburg in Germany. Then to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Then again from the city of Ushuaia to finally Antarctica. Chennai girl Maanasa Gopal’s tale of travelling over 30,000 km just to deliver food is out of this world!

According to Indian Express, the woman, who is a travel enthusiast, travelled across four continents to one of the remotest places in the world to deliver food to a man living in Antarctica. She posted an Instagram Reel showing her journey of catching flights, walking through snowy paths and finally standing in front of the customer’s door.

“Today, I did a special food delivery to Antarctica from Singapore! It’s not every day that you get to deliver Singaporean flavours across 30,000+ km and 4 continents to one of the most remote places on earth! The entire journey was carbon offset in partnership with our green partners,” she wrote on Instagram.

Have a look at her video here:


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People online couldn’t help but laud her remarkable journey. Here’s what some of them said:

I wish I could travel like this! Do you? 😀

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