Woman Writes 76 Notes To Neighbours Planning A Birthday Surprise For Quarantined Fiancé


Don’t we all love giving surprises to our friends and family? Whether it’s your parents’ 25th anniversary or your BFF’s birthday, planning a secret party for your loved ones is always fun.

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However, how do you plan a surprise party when you’re under self-quarantine with your special someone? As many people globally are observing social-distancing as a safety measure against coronavirus, a woman from southern California came up with a creative yet safe way to celebrate her fiance’s 30th birthday. Despite being stuck at home, Hannah Chung managed to convince her neighbors to sing “Happy Birthday” for her fiance at the same time, reports the Indian Express.

Have a look at her surprise party:

Hannah wrote detailed notes for her neighbors and slid them under their doors while wearing gloves as a safety measure. She informed them about the exact moment when they need to sing the birthday song from their windows.

Many people applauded the woman’s safe yet romantic surprise amid the lockdown:

Earlier, an elderly man had celebrated his 67th-anniversary from outside his wife’s hospital window. Aww. Such precious stories give us hope during these difficult times!

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