Woman Goes Through Over 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie And We’re As Shocked As You!

Yes, celebrity crushes are a big thing these days but some take it to another level. There is a certain line where one stays a fan after that it becomes an obsession.

Sahar Tabar from Tehran, Iran has become an Instagram celebrity because of her journey to look like Angelina Jolie. According to The Daily Haze, she has gone through over  50 surgeries and has gone on a special diet to lose weight and maintain it at 40 kgs to look like the actor.

1. Sahar has over 300,000 followers on Instagram who are following her transformation journey.


2. Little is known about Sahar, some say she’s 19 years old, while others say she is 22 or 29.


3. The overall response to her journey has been negative and she received hate on her Instagram feed all the time.


4. It is still not known how Sahar funds her surgeries etc.


5. Many believe that in her bid to transform herself into Jolie she has turned into Tim Burton’s ‘Dead Bride’.


6. Some are calling the girl “scary” and a “zombie”.


7. Don’t you think it’s horrific that it’s her metamorphosis that has got her attention on social media?


8. Some are even poking fun at Sarab and comparing her to the transformation of Micheal Jackson.


9. She even completes the “look” by wearing coloured contacts.


10. Dieheart fandom taken on another tangent?


This is not the first case that we’ve seen where people have gone to extreme lengths to look like someone else. We all remember Valeria Lukyanova or the “Human Barbie” as she was most commonly called. Are people starting to take their obsessions too far and losing their own image and beauty in the process?