Women Are Posting Pics With Their Legs Apart And ‘Lady-like’ Manners Can Go Back To The Caves

Remember when #MeToo took over the entire internet, bringing out chilling stories and accounts of sexual harassment that women, irrespective of their age, were subjected to? While the jolting reality shook every man and woman alike, on the hindsight, the elephant in the room was addressed and a dialogue of change surfaced.

Of course, it was not enough to uproot the evil but the offshoots have just started to crop up and it’s something that women empowerment needed the most. In a bid to challenge stereotypes and ‘lady-like’ mannerisms that girls are lectured about since ages, women of today have found the way to flip a finger at the society.

With #Womanspreading, ladies around the world are posting pictures with legs wide apart, in ways that are not ‘lady-like’ and a storm is brewing! See for yourself. 

1. The smile says it all.


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2. Because, why not?


3. Cause comfort comes first. PERIOD.


4.Time to avenge the revenge!

Woman spreading 👊 #revenge #womanspreading #feminism #respecteznousbordel

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5. Equality looks like this.

6. Bye-bye regressive notions!

#microhembrismo #womanspreading #igualitarismoya

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7. #Womanspreading all day, every day!

8. No care in the world…

9. Emily Ratajkowski knows how to do it right!

About that food truck life

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10. ‘Fuck you, society!’

11. I’m here for it. And you?

12. Beautiful, isn’t it?


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13. Yep. Bella Hadid does it high, up in the sky!

i'll remember you in the blue skies🤞🏼

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14. Colour of freedom.

15. *take a bow*

Новый тренд в Instagram произвел настоящий фурор и продолжает набирать обороты. Девушки с разных уголков земли публикуют свои снимки с широко расставленными ногами под хештегом #womanspreading, что вызывает восторг у посетителей их аккаунтов. Такие кадры призваны стать пародией на мужчин, которые, по мнению участниц флешмоба грешат чрезмерной брутальностью: широко раздвигают ноги в публичных местах с безразличным выражением лица. Вы бы такое выложили? Для заказа любых видов интернет-рекламы или обучения: 8 (960) 254-16-94📱 / www.seovplus.ru🌐

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I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the times that I have been asked (ordered) to sit ‘properly’ but now, my legs are pleased. And so is the feminist in me. What about you?