Woman Shares How She Used Language-Barrier Hack To Get Less Yelling From Boss At Work

Being yelled at by your boss in front of everyone can be a challenging situation to handle. It feels like all eyes are on you, judging and pitying. Your face turns red, and you want to disappear. It’s embarrassing, and you feel small and worthless. The words from the boss sting, making you doubt your abilities. Your coworkers look away, uncomfortable, not knowing how to help. It’s demoralizing and makes you dread coming to work.

However, a woman named Akshita came up with a brilliant idea to avoid getting yelled at by her boss. She revealed that at her previous company, her boss used to yell at everyone in Hindi. So, she told the boss that she doesn’t know Hindi as she is from Chennai and knows how to speak Tamil. So the boss had to switch to English while yelling at her and hence, she got yelled at less than the others!

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“The founder of the previous company I worked for used to yell at everybody in Hindi. So I told them I didn’t know Hindi cause I’m from Chennai (Tamilian). So they had to switch to English to yell at me each time and I got yelled at way lesser than other folks because of this,” she wrote.

Have a look at her post here:

Turns out, she isn’t the only one who uses this hack. Several people use the language barrier to escape uncomfortable and taxing situations! Have a look:

Modern problems require modern solutions, I guess! 😛

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