Woman Shares Shocking Experience Of Being In An Arranged Marriage & How In-Laws Controlled Her

The love marriage versus arranged marriage debate is a lengthy one. There is no one particular winner. There are love marriages that turn abusive in a couple of years. Partners who were once in love end up suffocating in each others’ presence. Similarly, many who have had an arranged marriage end up falling in love with each other and share a beautiful relationship full of joy and compassion. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been cases where arranged marriages completely ruined the wife and/or the husband’s life. Here’s an example.

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A woman took to Twitter to place shocking accusations against her in-laws and husband, with whom she had an arranged marriage. The woman said that she came from a progressive family, but was married off to a family with orthodox in-laws that drastically curbed her independence. She wasn’t allowed to visit her male friends, her voice was curtailed, her opinions and desires were dismissed, and her feelings were disregarded.

She also didn’t want to conceive right after the marriage and chose to remain child-free for the first couple of years. The family pressure she faced because of it was intense and numbing. Even her family was dragged into it and were asked to keep her in check.

When she finally did get pregnant, she was allegedly abandoned. Her in-laws apparently didn’t help her financially and emotionally.

— Chullu Supremacy (@diwaahdiva) May 30, 2023

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The woman also claimed that she faced domestic abuse within the marriage. She is currently fighting for a divorce, which in our country is not an easy process.

If her story wasn’t painful enough, there were numerous people in the comments section questioning her intentions regarding child custody and alimony. The number of people who tried to vilify her experience and dehumanize her pain was shocking to see. But a lot of people who have had a similar experience or know somebody who went through the same thing stood in solidarity and offered their sympathies.

Even today, a woman speaking out against domestic abuse, emotional harassment and divorce is looked down upon in our society. It’s bizarre to see strangers on the internet, who have zero idea about what she went through, try to trample her voice. Such stories need to be told more openly so that people realize that this is not okay.

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