Woman Shares How Her Friend’s Mom Keeps Sending Her Tiffin With Cute Notes Everyday

I remember how when I was in school, my mother used to pack extra food for my best friend who complained about her mother packing paratha and achaar every day for her tiffin (sorry, Aunty!). But that’s how mothers are. They don’t just care for their child alone, but they feel for every other child in the vicinity!

Speaking of which, a woman on Twitter with the username @psychedamygdala shared how her friend’s mother sends her tiffin along with a note every day because she complained about the food that was served in the mess.

“Been complaining about mess food to friend and he told his mom, so his mom’s been sending me food almost everyday. I said I couldn’t accept it anymore because I don’t have time to make anything and return the tiffins and now she sends these little notes,” she tweeted.

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Because she couldn’t send anything back to her in return, the mother sent this heartwarming note the next day:

“Enjoy the food. Children should not worry about sending empty tiffin to mother. You can send your love and affection with the tiffin. That is more than enough. God bless you. Love, Mum.”

On other days too, she writes cute little notes for her. I love how she doesn’t refer to herself as ‘aunty’ but as ‘mum’.

“Good morning child. Welcome back. Have a wonderful day. God bless you. Love, Mum.”

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Have a look at her tweet here:

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Many people took to the comments section to share similar instances of their mothers and/or their friends’ mothers doing the same for them. It’s just so cute!

Moms are literally the best!

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