Woman Mistakenly Sends Money To Wrong Number Via UPI App, Honest Stranger Returns It

One of my biggest fears is sending a person money via a UPI app by mistake and then not being kind enough to return it back. After all, how many people would be willing to return the money they got from a stranger when there are slim chances of getting tracked? However, you might find it difficult to believe but there are good people in this world. Here’s an example.

A woman took to social media to share messages she exchanged with a stranger after she sent them money by mistake. The stranger first acknowledged that they got the money but then asked who sent it. When they got to know it was a mistake, they first joked that they wouldn’t return the money.

The person actually went on to send her back the money!

“I sent money to a wrong number and met someone as crazy and nice as can be. For a minute I was sweating,” the woman wrote on social media. Have a look:

Several people online lauded the stranger for their goodness and honestly and said that this incident restored their faith in humanity. Have a look:

Maybe we all could strive to be as honest as this person.

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