Guy Shares How His Friend ‘Preeti’ Sent Him Money To Buy Biryani As He Was Feeling Low

How do you know someone is a keeper? Obviously, it’s different for everyone. This time around we came across a Twitter user who shared a leaf from his life about a person who made his day with her actions.

Ritik Khatana took to the micro-blogging site and shared a screengrab of his conversation with a woman named Preeti.

In his brief tweet, he shared how Preeti instantly transferred him Rs 200 when he told her he was feeling down. Her small gesture touched his soul and made him a little emotional.

Upon reading this we also went ‘aww’ like many others online. People said she was a keeper and wanted someone like her in their life too.

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A lot of giggling and teasing also happened with someone saying, ‘ek mere dost hai jo net he off kar detey hai.’

Also, all of a sudden everyone started feeling down. Twitter bhi na! 🤣

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