Woman Searches For A Flatmate At A Lucky Ali Concert In Bengaluru, Holds Up Placard

People who live in Bengaluru know how hard it is to find a flat to rent and flatmates to share it with. And even if you manage to find a flat, it’s so expensive that you begin to regret all your life choices.

However, desperate times call for desperate measures. And so, one woman showed up at a Lucky Ali concert with a placard in her hand that read ‘Flat(Mates) required’.

The incident occurred at Phoenix Market City in Whitefield. Pictures of the placard were shared on Twitter.

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Many people online could actually relate to the situation. Some even expressed how finding a flat is more challenging than finding a flatmate in Bengaluru. Some people might even end up finding true love, but they won’t find an appropriate flat to rent!

Dear Bengaluru, why are you like this? *cries*

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