Marketing Agency Employee Reprimanded For Not Responding To Text As She Was On A Lunch Break

The more we have a conversation about the toxic work culture in the country, the more we get disappointed. From people glorifying overworked and stressed employees to CEOs suggesting a human should work continuously for 18 hours, there’s hardly any boss or a company that thinks about the sanity and welfare of their employees.

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Recently, a woman working at a marketing agency shared how she was questioned for not responding to work messages on WhatsApp while she was on a lunch break.

Taking to Twitter, she shared screengrabs of the angry messages she received when she failed to respond immediately to someone’s query.

When the employee cited being on a lunch break as the reason for her not responding to the query immediately, the person reprimanded her saying that ‘This isn’t a government office, it’s a marketing agency.’

Posting the screengrab of their conversation, the woman wrote:

“Marketing agencies have no lunch break guys. What if Batman needs us or the brand has ruptured a lung?!?! It’s basic.”

She also further shared that when she texted the same person about the content of something, they failed to respond even after four hours. Obviously, no one cares then.

This, however, is not something that happened only with this woman. Many others who also have experienced working in a marketing agency shared similar stories.

The way she was treated for being on lunch break got the worse of people online.

It just sucks how clients and managers feel entitled and treat the employees as paid servants. Reprimanding someone for trying to eat in peace is just pathetic.

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