‘Red Flag Alert!’ Woman Dating Indian Guy For 7 Years Says He Won’t Let Her Talk To His Family

When a person is in love with someone, they would want their families and friends to meet their partner. Talking about them, posting pictures on social media with them and letting the world know that you’re in love comes naturally when you’re in a happy and stable relationship.

But if your partner would prefer keeping you a secret, like they wouldn’t tell their friends or family about you, especially when you’ve been together for a long time, then darling, it’s a red flag. 🚩

One 26-year-old woman took to r/India on Reddit to share how her long-term boyfriend of 7 years is behaving shady and unwilling to make her meet or talk to his parents. They speak different languages and he apparently wants her to be fluent in his native language before speaking to his parents.

“My boyfriend moved to the US in 2015 and we began dating that year. We’ve lived together for a while off and on. We’ve been dating for seven years. He wants me to be completely fluent in his native language before I even talk to his parents on the phone or go to India to meet them to see if they’d accept me marrying their son,” she wrote.

He keeps on making excuses when the woman wants to speak to his parents. He is apparently scared about how they would react to meeting his girlfriend.

“I wanted to talk to them on the phone last month but he made excuses and said that I’m not ready and that if I make mistakes, he will need more time to convince them. He also admitted to me he’s delaying telling his family about our relationship because he is scared how they will react. His dad already knows about the relationship and he’s okay with it but my boyfriend is moving extremely slowly to tell his extended family and introduce me.”

The boyfriend’s brother on the other hand has spoken to her but he doesn’t think it’s a serious relationship. He also, apparently, doesn’t approve of her.

“His brother is aware of the relationship but doesn’t think it’s serious. I learned from eavesdropping on his conversation that he doesn’t approve of me. My boyfriend refuses to buy me an engagement ring or anything even though he already said he’ll marry me. He refuses because then he will need to tell his family that he bought me one. I think at this point he’s just playing games and I’m tired.”

The woman is tired of waiting around for him to make their relationship official or at least take their equation to the next step. Have a look at her full post here:

My Indian boyfriend of 7 years (29) is being complicated about marriage. from india

Several people online took to the comments section to alert the woman. They highlighted how the language-barrier excuse is just a reason to buy more time before he dumps her. If he would have been serious about her, he would have made her speak to his parents.

They advised her to move on from the relationship as nothing fruitful would come out of it anyway. Have a look:

Why can’t people just be honest with each other instead of wasting precious time?

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