Woman Goes Down On Her Knees & Proposes To Her Guy During RCB Vs GT IPL Match

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those, who don’t believe in proposing marriage to the love of their life, and then there are those who go above and beyond to express their affection towards their partner. We obviously root for the second in the lot.

And when we say above and beyond, it means planning a full day of surprises and even flying several feet up in the air to make their partner know how much they want them to be in their life.

Now, a video of a woman proposing to a guy inside a crowded cricket stadium has gone viral.

In the video shared on Twitter, the guy standing in the stands during a tense RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) versus GT (Gujarat Titans) IPL match gets the sweetest surprise of his life when the woman with whom he came to watch the live match happening in Bengaluru went down on her knees and proposed marriage to him.

She took out the ring and asked him ‘The’ question. Stumped by the woman’s gesture, the guy didn’t know how to react. Taking a couple of seconds to collect his emotions, he hugs her. The woman then put the ring on their relationship and got officially engaged while surrounded by scores of cricket lovers.

Take a look at the video here:

Some people, after looking at the guy’s t-shirt, suggested that he works at Dunzo.

The last RCB vs GT match was wild. Shubman Gill’s magnificent hundred made his team GT win the game, breaking the hearts of many RCB fans who then went ahead and abused Gill and his sister.

Looking at this proposal video, I’m glad there’s something wholesome and cute to remember about the match.

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