Woman’s Tweets On Not Finding Sanitary Pads In PVR Show How Women’s Health Is Deprioritized

First-aid kits are easily available in public places. Sadly, sanitary pads are not, even when 50% of our country’s population has periods and sometimes it comes unannounced. Because neither are periods looked upon as a health emergency nor are free and easily accessible sanitary pads considered a necessity.

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This was further highlighted when a Twitter user @krispycrabb shared that while she and her friend were at a reputed multiplex, PVR, her friend got her period and they couldn’t find sanitary pads, neither in the multiplex nor in the washrooms.

It was striking for her to realise how underdeveloped we are when it comes to period health and she argued that public places should set up stations where women can find sanitary products.

They approached the staff in the multiplex and asked people in the washroom but all in vain. Not just multiplexes and malls, but libraries, restaurants, schools, colleges, and every other public space should consider setting up a sanitary pad vending machine.

Several people on Twitter agreed with her and some even shared stories of not finding sanitary pads even at airports. This went on to show how women’s health is deprioritized in general.

Do you think all public places should have a stock of sanitary napkins and other period products in case of any emergency?

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