Woman Cooking Through Her Mouth Is Invoking Disgust Amongst Netizens And I Can’t Even

If you exclaim, ‘food is bae’ and your love for different sorts of cuisine makes you have a foodgasm; and if your Insta-feed is filled with pictures of sumptuous and delish dishes and drinks, then might I suggest you to keep a barf-bag ready for this one.

Actually, we all might need it. Because, what we just saw has given us the creeps and filled us up with disgust for food prep-videos. In a rather, squicky-yet-viral video, a lady is to be seen cooking with her mouth.

ICY are wondering what’s that?

Hint: It involves chewing and cutting the ingredients with mouth and then putting in the mixing bowl and then cooking it!


That’s stuffed, Christmas turkey ruined forever!

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The tweet invoked a lot of reactions from the netizens and we can’t help but agree with each one.

1. Exactly my question.

2. Ugggh!

3. WHY? WHY? What’s happening?

4. Eeww x 1000 times.

5. That sums up everything.

6. *barfs loudly*

7. There, someone had to say it.

Oh, if by any chance you wanna watch the whole cringe, then here you go!

Here goes the happy in Happy New Year for a toss.