32-YO Bihar Woman Married For 10 Years Falls In Love With 18-YO Sister-In-Law & Marries Her

We all chase love and happiness in some form or another. While some find happiness in seeing their child take the first step, others love it when their hard work is respected. Moreover, we are often attracted to people who make our hearts smile and let us be who we really are.

32-year-old woman Shukla Devi from Bihar’s Samastipur felt loved when her husband’s 18-year-old sister Soni Devi was around.

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And despite being married to her husband Pramod Das 10 years ago and having two kids with him, Shukla decided to leave Pramod to get married to her lover Soni, reported Times Now.

When asked why she married a girl after being in matrimony with a man for a decade, Shukla said in Hindi, “Pati hua to kya hua. Jahan prem rahega, wahin na rahenge (So what if I have a husband? I will live there where there is love).” She added, “We entered into marriage since we loved each other. We are very happy after the marriage.”

Talking about Soni, Shukla added. “I believe it is the heart which is the home of love. We both love from the bottom of our hearts. There is no entertainment from the heart but true love. Soni is very nice.”

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In such a complicated situation, one would think Shukla’s husband would be angry and in denial, but that wasn’t the case here. Pramod said, “I am happy if she is happy” adding that his wife started living with his sister after they fell for each other.

After tying the knot, Shukla cut their hair short and started dressing like men. She even changed her name to Suraj Kumar. Soon after, they started researching gender reassignment procedures online. But looking at how terrifying and painful it can be, she panicked and dropped the idea.

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When the word of Soni and Shukla’s wedding reached Soni’s family, they approached her and forcibly took her away. But Shukla wasn’t going to let her go. She filed a police case charging their in-laws with “kidnapping” her life partner.

In this regard, the Rosera police station inspector Krishna Prasad said, “We are aware of the news and have asked a lady inspector to probe the case. Based on the report, we will act on the matter.”

We hope both of them are fine and the cops intervene in the matter to make sure they live a peaceful life together.

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