Woman Makes Husband Change Their Kid’s Diapers As She Didn’t Want Children, People React

We can’t argue that the decision to have a child is a crucial one and hence, it needs to be well thought out. If one of the partners isn’t ready or doesn’t want to have a child, it is best to take their opinion into consideration and delay/negate the idea of having kids.

However, one woman recently took to Reddit to narrate her problem with having a kid. So, the woman didn’t want kids but her husband did. She also claimed that she suffers from a physical condition that makes her unable to bad smells – like that of poop.

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She had multiple discussions with her husband wherein she highlighted how she wouldn’t be able to change the kid’s diapers because the small would make her nauseous. Eager to have a kid, the husband settled on the idea that every time the child poops, he would be the one to change the diaper and not his wife.

And so, they had a child. Everything was going great. He was the one changing the kid’s diapers, while she would clean the kid’s spit up, laundry and bottle cleaning. However, there was this one night where the kid pooped at 2 AM.

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“The other night she had a huge explosion around 2 AM. I heard her crying on the baby monitor and when I went to check on her, it had gone all the way up her back and into her hair. The mattress cover and the mattress itself were also soiled. I immediately started getting dizzy and my eyes began to burn so I ran and got my husband. After he got her cleaned up, I worked on soothing her and getting her back to sleep, meanwhile, my husband began to clean up her crib. Eventually, I also fell asleep,” she wrote.

But the next morning, the husband was in a bad mood.

“I asked him what was wrong and he said that he had slept horribly because of the situation from the night before. He then went on a tangent and started to accuse me of not helping enough, and he said that he was sick of being on “poop duty”. I reminded him of our agreement and that I do plenty of other things in regards to taking care of our daughter.”

Have a look at her full post here:

AITA for not cleaning up my daughter’s poop? from AmItheAsshole

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Her post left people online divided. On one hand, many argued that the decision the couple made regarding ‘poop duty’ wasn’t sustainable. Some even suggested that the woman should get used to the smell and changing diapers as she “signed up for it”.

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On the other hand, many argued that the woman was vocal about not wanting kids in the first place and her inhibitions regarding having a kid and that the husband gave his word to change the diapers himself. Some also highlighted that since she has a ‘physical condition’, the husband cannot force her to do something she cannot.

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What are your views on this incident? Tell us.

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