Woman Leaves Her Job At LinkedIn To Travel The World, Visits 12 Countries In A Year

There are many of us who want to leave everything behind and travel the world but the idea of not having a stable income and a comfortable (read: easy and convenient) life makes us stick to the life we already have. Let’s face it – the life of a traveller, although exciting, is very unpredictable. They keep on going forward with no set plan in place, live in the kind of places where they can only depend on themselves and survive on just the basics.

A woman named Aakanksha Monga must have felt scared about the idea too. But she followed her truth and listened to her heart. So a year ago, she left her job at LinkedIn to travel the world full-time.

A regular person wouldn’t even dare to do what she did. But she had already built a community of 250K followers on social media by posting travel content consistently and bagging brand collaborations. So it was a comparatively easier decision for her than for a regular person.

And now, she has over 700K followers on social media, has travelled to 12 countries so far (8 of which were solo trips), is building her own travel website with a team and has worked with several brands. All this she managed to achieve in one year alone.

Her Instagram account is filled with information-packed videos where she shares travel insights with thousands of people who want to travel. From budget-friendly locations to hidden gems, recommendations to her own experiences, she creates content that has immense value.

Following your heart is scary, but so is the idea of living your life with regret. Aakanksha listened to her heart and even though it can get tough sometimes, she is doing what she loves. And we hail her for that! 😀

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