Bengaluru: Woman Leaves AirPods In Autorickshaw, Genius Driver Tracks Her Down & Returns It

Whenever I’ve mistakenly left something behind on a mode of public transport, like my wallet, phone or earphones, I’ve always made peace (after an episode of complete emotional breakdown) with the fact that it’s gone for good. Because which autorickshaw or cab driver would make an effort to return by belongings, right? Our go-to thought is, “They’ve stolen it.”

While that may be the case with many people, this one autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru used his knowledge of technology for the better to return a woman’s AirPods that she had mistakenly left on the auto.

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So here’s what happened. After the woman left her AirPods inside the autorickshaw and went to work, the driver found them and decided to return them to her. He connected the AirPods to his phone and found her name and then searched through his UPI to get through to her. He then arrived at her workplace, where he initially, dropped her and gave it back to security.

People online were left astonished by how tech-savvy the autorickshaw driver was! Many lauded his for his honest gesture and said that the world could use more of such people. Have a look:

What a wonderful man! 🙂

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