56-YO Woman Hits The Gym & Deadlifts With Her Daughter-In-Law In A Saree To Keep Herself Fit

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to weight training, especially among women and older people. Many believe that lifting weights make women bulky, muscular, and “manly” and it will break the bones of the elderly – none of which is true if done the right way.

In fact, there are several reports that vouch for the fact that hitting the gym helps the elderly immensely when it comes to keeping their health in check. It helps in maintaining muscle mass, improving mobility and strength, keeps their lungs and hearts healthy, thereby helping them to live longer and better years. It’s no puzzle that it keeps their mental health in check too.

Nowadays, the awareness surrounding women and the elderly undergoing weight training has increased so much that you’ll find inspiring videos of them hitting the gym. For example, here’s a 56-year-old woman who hits the gym in a saree alongside her daughter-in-law. In a video shared by Humans of Madras, the woman can be seen practising deadlifts and other compound exercises spiritedly.

“I’m 56 now and still continue to work out. Even your attire shouldn’t stop you from doing what you wish to do! My daughter-in-law and I work out regularly. I was 52 when I first hit the gym. It all started when I was diagnosed with severe knee and leg pain. My son researched a lot about the treatment and suggested me to start doing exercise. He owns a gym Madras Barbell. I, with my daughter-in-law, do powerlifting, squats, etc. Yes, it cured my pain. We, as a family, keep our bodies fit and healthy,” the text on the video read.

Have a look:

Several people were left inspired by her who went on to express that at any age, people can choose to live a healthier life without worrying about their attire or what society might say. Here’s what some of them said:

Kudos to aunty for setting such an amazing example! 😀

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